10 Models you have to follow on Instagram

Nowadays it is very easy to see where the famous are, what they’re doing and who they are with. Many celebrities have joined Instagram and we’re following them on social networks. “Click, flash, filter and watch the likes pour in. Such is the life of a model on Instagram”. This is how the models pass their day: post beautiful pictures of their life and we put like and share.

Here are the 10 Models that you must Follow on Instagram.

Jourdan Dunn:
If there’s a model that has a DGAF attitude (even more than Cara Delevingne), it’s Jourdan Dunn. It seems as though she’s got an official Instagram pose, too: a peace sign with a funny—yet of course sexy—face.


Doutzen Kroes:
Kroes is another member of the illustrious Victoria’s Secret Angels crew (there are quite a few on this list, as you’d imagine). Unfortunately for you, she posts quite a few shots of her and her husband, so she’s completely off the market. As if you had a shot, at all.


Kendall Jenner:
We’re not exactly fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but we’re big fans of Jenner’s budding modeling career. She walked some first-class runways during fashion week and when she’s not taking selfies with her famous sisters, her feed is a play-by-play account of a jet-set model’s life. Nearly ten million Instagram followers can’t be wrong, right?


Kate Bock:
Some people say that Kate Bock has a “girl next door” quality. We’re not sure where those folks are living, but that’s not the case where we grew up. Bock’s completely mastered the art of the half-face selfie, and as her feed proves, she’s a killer snowboarder.


Chanel Iman:
Chanel Iman goes to the beach, a lot. She Instagrams, a lot. It seems to be a winning combination.


Adriana Lima:
This model post photos of personal life, with friends, in bikini and your shopping bags. It’s a winner profile with many followers.


Miranda Kerr:
The model from Down Under is not shy about sharing her life on the ‘gram, and with over 3 million followers, it seems like people are into it. Though she often promotes her beauty line, there’s still plenty of selfies, shoots, and covers worth a look.


Barbara Palvin:
Technically, Victoria’s Secret gave her these wings. But it’s entirely possible that Palvin was born with them—we’re not about to deny her angel status in any way. There’s plenty of behind the scenes stuff to see on her feed, not to mention cameos from her cast of model friends.


Cara Delevingne:
You’ll probably recognize Cara—she’s currently the world’s favorite model, and there’s no sign she’s slowing down. Keep an eye out for cameos from her famous set of pals, like Rihanna, Rita Ora, and her now ex-girlfriend, Michelle Rodriguez.


Alessandra Ambrosio:
In the Instagram the model writes in Portuguese and post lots of photos with the sons and with friends. In the description says “Forever on vacation” and this is what she gives to the followers.


So, do you follow this 10 Model Instagram? And the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest of Fashion Design Weeks? Check them out!

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