2014 BET Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

It happened on Sunday the 2014 BET Awards at Nokia Theatre LA. Among those present were surprises Celebrity. Like Lil Mama, the ex arrested Chris Brown and even Lionel Richie that received a Lifetime Achievement Award and still performs their own music hits.

The big winners were with no doubt Beyoncé that won three awards – Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, Best Collaboration with Jay-z and 2014 FANdemonium award – and Pharrell Williams the Best Male R & B / Pop Artist.

But of course what interests the Fashion Design Weeks is the Red Carpet with the best and worst dressed celebrities. Many were those who were present and so we have lots to talk about celebrity looks.

Below you can check the Red Carpet looks from the 2014 BET Awards.

The Best Dressed

Pais Hilton – The singer/socialite showed up at the BET Awards in a stunning gown with dramatic cutouts.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Paris-Hilton

Michelle Williams – The singer kept her long and shiny, making this look a total win in a turquoise, floor-length dress. 2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Michelle-Williams

Kerry Washington – Kerry Washington is a regular on best dressed lists and for good reason! The actress always looks chic and sophisticated.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Kerry-Washington

John Legend with his leather jacket, black pants and sunglasses.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-John-Legend

Jennifer Freeman – Jennifer Freeman brought a major pop of color to the red carpet with her neon pink gown! With her minimal jewelry and long blonde waves.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Jennifer-Freeman

Amber Rose – Amber Rose wowed in all white! The new mom wore an understated but gorgeous long-sleeved white gown with a metallic look.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Amber-Rose

Luke James – The “I Want You” singer’s outfit is perfect for the sunshine and the palm trees that go along with it. 2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Luke-James

Regina Wall – Hall kept it sexy in the L.A. heat with her all-white suit, bare chest and simple gold jewelry accents.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Regina-Wall

The Worst Dressed

Keke Palmer, Star Wars really needs its dress back, Ms. Palmer.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Keke-Palmer

Tatyana Ali – She was eye-catching in more ways than one, but for all the wrong reasons. It was uncertain whether her gold-choker halter was secure enough to keep her goods in place in her nearly blinding, keyhole-accented, neon-salmon dress.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Tatyana-Ali

Gabrielle Union is gorgeous in almost anything, but this Greek-inspired cream gown with a mesh-paneled neckline, cinched at the waist, and a slit and paired with thigh-high boots made her seem overdressed and did little to show off her assets. 2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Gabrielle-Union

Charli Baltimore – Contrary to popular social media belief, this is not Ciara. This is not The Hunger Games, either. The odds weren’t in Baltimore’s favor with this one.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Charli-Baltimore

B.o.B – It seems like Bobby Ray is giving Crenshaw karate lessons in this outfit. He added the hat just because, well, why not?2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-B.o.B

Ashanti – While most of the all-white outfits of the night were winners, this one was not. Sometimes, less really is more.2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Ashanti

Zendaya – The Stylist must have chosen this throwback-jumpsuit-inspired outfit before getting the memo that the Disney star has pulled out of Lifetime’s Aaliyah film. 2014-BET-Awards-Best-and-Worst-Dressed-Zendaya

So, did you saw the BET Awards? What was your favorite performance and your Best and Worst Dressed opinion?

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