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Famous Inked Model

Although hard to imagine in today’s world of flourishing body ink, there was once a time when even the most discreet of tattoos would have been cause for serious concern in the world of fashion and modeling. Luckily for us though, those days are long gone!  From the fresh face newcomers to the leading catwalkers, tattoos are popping up in all shapes and sizes this season, leaving their mark on the runways like never before. The purveyors of all things chic are taking a look at twenty of the world’s top models who have famously sported tattoos on the runway, making for one glorious ‘body of work’ — no pun intended of course. Model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne has popped up with two new tattoos. But she’s hardly the first. From single neck inscriptions on models like Chanel Iman to Erin Wasson’s infamous head-to-toe designs, see just how many of your favorite Fashion Week Models are rocking tatts under their couture.

See below the Top Fashion Tattoos

Rosie Huntington WhiteleyRosie-Huntington-Whiteley-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Kate MossKate-Moss-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks Kate-Moss-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Jourdan DunnJourdan-Dunn-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks Jourdan-Dunn-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Isabeli FontanaIsabeli-Fontana-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Gisele BündchenGisele-Bündchen-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Freja Beha ErichsenFreja-Beha-Erichsen-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks Freja-Beha-Erichsen-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Erin WassonErin-Wasson-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Chanel ImanChanel-Iman-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Catherine McNeilCatherine-McNeil-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Carolyn MurphyCarolyn-Murphy-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Cara DelevingneCara-Delevingne-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks Cara-Delevingne-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Anja RubikAnja-Rubik-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Anja KonstantinovaAnja-Konstantinova-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Aline WeberAline-Weber-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks

Adriana LimaAdriana-Lima-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks Adriana-Lima-Model-Ink-Fashion-Design-Weeks



You want to see more Fashion Model and their tattoos? See here on Fashion Design Weeks Pinterest.

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