Roberto Cavalli Italian House

Roberto Cavalli, as Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion brand reference. This Italian fashion designer who turned 71 in November has been working with the best models in the world, being the head of a $250 million fashion company, with 65 stores in 23 countries.


The simple shapes of the house, two rectangles joined together by an outer passage appears excessive and colorful but one this rectangle is where Roberto Cavalli has their photography studio (with huge openings and reflective windows), and the other rectangle is where the living room, the kitchen and the sleeping area are.


Fashion-Design-Weeks-Roberto-Cavalli-Italian-House 4

The house was covered with metal skin technology, a kind of lace made of metal across the front of the house, produced by Marzorati Ronchetti.

But like a real celebrity, Cavalli has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna and gym, a vineyard and the a for helicopters.Fashion-Design-Weeks-Roberto-Cavalli-Italian-House

Another characteristic of this house, is the completely hyper-technology inside them. Remote controls to check the weather, adjust the windows and doors, different color effects of the building. He transforms the house in a giant light source, with a real lantern in the middle of the Tuscan countryside with alternations of green, red, pink and so on.


Complete with a mouth-kissing monkey, a Persian cat named Pussy, and an iridescent purple helicopter—and lives to tell the tale. A king of excess, Roberto Cavalli has shown his first collection in 1970 build since that a lifestyle empire. Married for over 30 years with Eva Duringer a beauty he known in a fashion show, she is the creative director of the Roberto Cavalli collection and since they married they have worked together.

Fashion-Design-Weeks-Roberto-Cavalli-Italian-House Fashion-Design-Weeks-Roberto-Cavalli-Italian-House

From the collections of Coca-Cola bottles to H&M Limited Edition, he has his luxury brand who has been raising over the years, the Roberto Cavalli Home collection, Roberto Cavali Perfume and in Haute Couture.


SOURCE: Inside Celebrity Homes — Roberto Cavalli Italian House

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