The Met Gala 2014: Top Celebrities Accessories

At night, The Met Gala 2014 there were many celebrities who attended. But to complement the fantastic looks are accurate also various accessories that will shine on the red carpet.

Many of last night’s eccentric stylings merit a closer look, from the ponytail-strewn rose and butterfly earrings sported by Giovanna Battaglia to Julie Macklowe’s iridescent Edie Parker clutch, which read “Baller” across the front. Stacked bracelets and full-finger rings abounded, the quirky hair did fixings, like Lupita’s Prada Fred Leighton headband and the winged Olivia Munn wore barrettes in her silky tresses.

Here are the Top Celebrities Accessories from Met Gala 2014. Scrool down to check Beyoncé’s netted veil, and the rest of the best accessories at the Met Gala.

Jewels by CartierRihanna-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Rita Ora
Jewels by Lorraine SchwartzRita-Ora-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Olivia Munn
Jewels by Fred Leighton and LoveGoldOlivia-Munn-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Julie Macklowe
“Baller” ClutchJulie-Macklowe-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Lupita Nyong’o
Clutch by Prada; jewels by CartierLupita-Nyong'o-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Jewels by Lorraine SchwartzBeyonce-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Solange Knowles
Clutch by Anya Hindmarch; jewels by Lorraine SchwartzSolange-Knowles-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Johnny DeppJohnny-Deep-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Marion Cotillard
Shoes by Dior CoutureMarion-Cotillard-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Stella McCartney
Jewels por CartierStella-McCartney-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Zoe KravitzZoe-Kravitz-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Victoria BeckhamVictoria-Beckham-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Sarah Jessica Parker
Dress by Oscar de la Renta; jewels by Fred LeightonSarah-Jessica-Parker-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Cara Delevingne
Clutch by Stella McCartney; jewels by CartierCara-Delevingne-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Selena Gomez
Jewels by Lorraine SchwartzSelena-Gomez-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Hamish BowlesHamish-Bowles-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyRosie-Huntington-Whiteley-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories


Kate UptonKate-Upton-The-Met-Gala-2014-Top-Celebrities-Accessories

Chrissy Teigen




What are you favorite accessorie from Met Gala 2014?


If you want to be inspired with more accessories, check out Fashion Design Weeks Pinterest

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