The most expensive music video ever made

While the music video remains an important part of the cultural landscape its status as a make-or-break marketing tool has faded somewhat over the years.

But back during the music video’s glory days, when the iPod and YouTube were still a rising dot on the cultural horizon, blockbuster clips were big business. The success of sales hinged not on tweets, shares, and likes but on word of mouth, and few things got the media’s collective lips a-flapping than an extravagant multi-million dollar music video.

To prove it, Business Insider Australia has revealed a list of the Most Expensive Music Videos ever made. A collection of clips that ooze with the chiming of dollars as they show off all manner of costly visual effects, excessive dramatics, and the most lavish of sets and costumes.

So who’s got the most expensive tastes in video production? That honour would probably have to go to Madonna. The 55-year-old Queen of Pop racks up three of the Top 5 most costly music videos of all time.

1. Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson – ‘Scream’ (1995)

Cost: US$ 7 million


2. Britney Spears – ‘Work Bitch’ (2013)

Cost: $US 6.5 million


3. Madonna – ‘Die Another Day’ (2002)

Cost: $US 6.1 million


4. Madonna – ‘Express Yourself’ (1989)

Cost: $US 5 million


5. Madonna – ‘Bedtime Story’ (1995)

Cost: $US 5 million


6. Michael Jackson – ‘Black Or White’ (1991)

Cost: $US 4 million


7. Guns N’ Roses – ‘Estranged’ (1993)

Cost: $US 4 million


8. Puff Daddy – ‘Victory’ (1998)

Cost: $US 2.7 million


9. MC Hammer – ’2 Legit 2 Quit’ (1991)

Cost: $US 2.5 million



10. Mariah Carey – ‘Heartbreaker’ feat. Jay Z (1999)

Cost: $US 2.5 million


11. Busta Rhymes – ‘What’s It Gonna Be?! feat. Janet Jackson (1999)

Cost: $US 2.4 million


12. Celine Dion – ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’ (1996)

Cost: $US 2.3 million


13. Michael Jackson – ‘Bad’ (1987)

Cost: $US 2.2 million


14. Backstreet Boys – ‘Larger Than Life’ (1999)

Cost: $US 2.1 million


15. Michael Jackson – ‘Remember The Time’ (1992)

Cost: $US 2 million

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