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TOP 5 Hair Ideas for 2014

Bad hair day? Don’t you worry. Here are some ideas for hairstyles if your day is not going well. For a night out or even go to work.

ROMANTIC PONYTAIL: This was the hairstyle that  Nina Ricci has used on Spring 2014 show “Simple and Feminine.” Secure a low ponytail with a black elastic, then tie a ribbon in a bow to conceal the band.


EFFORTLESS TOPKNOT: This look was made by the Hairstylist Mark Townsend and is to simple to use because gives the look a more relaxed approach

jennifer-lawrence-topknot 2

BOUNCY SPIRALS: This hairstyle is all about grabbing the natural texture of the hair and work with it and not against it. It’s all about natural curls.


BOHEMIAN WAVES: This perfect waves has to be pretty and messy at the same time. You have to apply a mound of mousse to dry hair and then you have to dry the hair. Simple as that.


MESSY BRAIDED UPDO: This hairstyle is for romantic girls and for people who love braids. What do you have to do is put some mousse and braiding your hair. Then Secure the braids and Voilá. it’s ready.


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