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The Victoria’s Secret Swim Special

The Victoria’s Secret Swim Special follow the angels as they land in Puerto Rico to shoot their swimwear campaign.

The company sent a TV crew to Puerto Rico to capture the irresistible moments between catalog photo shoots and TV commercials. And the result is “The Victoria’s Secret Swim Special.”

Fashion-Design-Weeks-The-Victorias-Secret-Swim-SpecialFinally, instead of limiting models in skimpy swimsuits to the printed page, the lingerie giant will bring those pages to life in an hour-long fever dream of lush tropical vistas and flesh.

Fashion-Design-Weeks-The-Victorias-Secret-Swim-SpecialWe have such a great time, it doesn’t feel like work,” said 26-year-old Swedish beauty Elsa Hosk. “I get to hang out in bikinis. It’s a dream.”

The special also aims to focus on the landscapes — and the perilous predicaments the models were thrown into in pursuit of that perfect photo. In one scene, Hosk and some other models are taken into an oceanside cave. It was a race against Mother Nature to get all the shots in before the tide rolled in and the cave was submerged.

Fashion-Design-Weeks-The-Victorias-Secret-Swim-Special Fashion-Design-Weeks-The-Victorias-Secret-Swim-SpecialSome of that action will be captured in print, some will appear in TV ads, and some will be part of a “behind-the-scenes” reel. And still other parts will comprise “The Victoria’s Secret Swim Special.”

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