French-Fashion-Against-Terror 2

French Fashion Industry Against Terror

The French Fashion industry has lent its vocal and visual support to the “Je Suis Charlie” campaign.

“Freedom of expression is sacred. Stand united!” write François-Henri Pinault – the chairman and CEO of French Fashion – on social media, while designers from a range of major French houses stay with him.

French-Fashion-Against-TerrorPicture credit: jpgaultierofficial/Instagram

Jean Paul Gaultier lined up with his staff on the steps of his atelier displaying “Je Suis Charlie” signs in solidarity.

“It’s horrible. I’ve been physically sick since Wednesday,” Karl Lagerfeld added.

French-Fashion-Against-TerrorPicture credit: karl-lagerfeld/Instagram

French-Fashion-Against-TerrorPicture credit: maximesimoens/Instagram


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