Home of Fashion Designer Sue Wong

Fashion designer Sue Wong, who has dressed stars like Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel, owns three very distinct homes: a historic estate known as The Cedars, a modern abode in Malibu, and a tropical retreat in Hawaii.

Take a peek inside all three below.

Fashion-Design-Weeks-Tour-the-Homes-of-Fashion-Designer-Sue-WongFashion-Design-Weeks-Tour-the-Homes-of-Fashion-Designer-Sue-Wong Fashion-Design-Weeks-Tour-the-Homes-of-Fashion-Designer-Sue-Wong

With a success story spanning the globe, Sue Wong has internationally achieved the distinction of “every woman’s couturière.”

The celebrity fashion designer — who has dressed everyone from Taylor Swift to Jessica Biel — fell in love with her historical 1920s home, The Cedars, a palatial historical estate that once encompassed terraced gardens, lakes and fountains on 15 acres. Her other homes include a tropical retreat in Maui and a contemporary estate in Malibu.

Fashion-Design-Weeks-Tour-the-Homes-of-Fashion-Designer-Sue-Wong Fashion-Design-Weeks-Tour-the-Homes-of-Fashion-Designer-Sue-Wong

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