The 9 Major Spring / Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from the Runways

The 9 Major Spring / Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from the Runways – From New York and London to Milan and Paris, designers have paraded the top spring fashion trends. The trends ranged from dramatic volumes to bike shorts. With some comebacks, and some new and kind of outside of the box trends (we see you, bike shorts), designers have introduced some interesting proposals for the upcoming seasons.


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The spring runways gave a new spin to traditional bike shorts through sartorial styling, updated fabrics and even a few unitard silhouettes.



Short and sexy dresses, perfect for that girls night out you’ve been planning for ages. Pay Close attention to the vintage vibe.



Artisanal flourishes lent an artful aura to the spring collections. Craft elements such as patchwork, fringing, fabric bundles and hand-painting infused the clothes with personality and emotion.



Gentle pastels were everywhere for spring. While frothy dresses worked the expected side of a gentle palette, designers also drew from it to infuse sporty and street looks with an offbeat prettiness.



Pictorials were all over the spring runways in jacquards, intarsias and a multitude of prints. Interpretations ranged from beachside imagery and outdoor scenery at Etro and Prada to Jeremy Scott’s Polaroid self-portraits with an edge.



These aren’t your typical folds. Designers plied their pleats into silhouettes that ranged from romantic to dramatic.



The sleeve treatment of choice for spring — ballooning — adds drama to silhouettes for day and night.



A flight suit here, cargo pants there, and pockets, pockets everywhere. The trappings of utility were all over the spring runways, as designers gave workwear tropes the chic treatment.



From larger-than-life silhouettes to dramatic details, volume proved to be one of the biggest trends on the runways.


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Floor Samples


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