Michael Kors at New York Fashion Show

Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week, of course!

The catwalk begins with Florence + The Machine’s hit “The Dog Days Are Over”. His new Fall lineup landed smack-dab in the middle of his sweet spot: opulent as all get-out, yet true to the all-American, unfussy, and optimistic spirit on which the company was built. Fur has been all over the runways this week, but it’s been a Kors staple for ages.

Fashion-Design-Weeks-Michael-Kors-at-New-York-Fashion-Show Fashion-Design-Weeks-Michael-Kors-at-New-York-Fashion-Show Fashion-Design-Weeks-Michael-Kors-at-New-York-Fashion-ShowA brown mink coat sheared into a damask pattern was significantly less extravagant but still special. Fox turned up as an accent on a lot of other looks, as well, elevating not just the crisp, neatly tailored pieces in menswear checks, but also the chunky knits.

Fashion-Design-Weeks-Michael-Kors-at-New-York-Fashion-Show Fashion-Design-Weeks-Michael-Kors-at-New-York-Fashion-Show Fashion-Design-Weeks-Michael-Kors-at-New-York-Fashion-ShowOne of the show’s strongest looks was an evening dress tailored on top like a double-breasted tuxedo. This was a broad, familiar offering, and Kors was in command of it all.

Fashion-Design-Weeks-Michael-Kors-at-New-York-Fashion-ShowFashion-Design-Weeks-Michael-Kors-at-New-York-Fashion-Show Fashion-Design-Weeks-Michael-Kors-at-New-York-Fashion-Show


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