patricia viera-fashion-rio-summer-2015

Fashion Rio Summer 2015 Highlights

The 25th edition of Fashion Rio, which took place from 8 to 11 April at the Marina da Gloria, opened to the natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro, who continue to inspire us and strengthen the city’s vocation as world heritage. Some of the designers who were present were TNG, Lenny Niemeyer, Coca Cola Jeans, Salinas, and more.

Check out the creations of this and more designers.

Patricia Viera
Color: Acqua, tangerine, navy, olive, sand and black
Highlights: Patricia Viera impresses with his ability to manipulate the leather also exploring shibori, embroidery with thread and application of jute, sequins and beads. From bikinis to dresses cast leather through sets of flare pants with jacket.

patricia viera-fashion-rio-summer-2015 patricia viera-fashion-rio-summer-2015

Colors: Blue, rosé, white, black and gold
Highlights: Alessa returns to the aesthetic for which he is best known, with colors, prints, and this time, too bright. The summer collection 2014/15, with the theme “Baroque”.

Alessa-fashion-rio-summer-2015 Alessa-fashion-rio-summer-2015

Coca Cola Jeans
Highlights: Coca-Cola Jeans seeks “to develop a collection that inspires the active life” and allows complete freedom of movement. Showed large tops and large parts combined with more adjusted down. The show began with light shades with white outfits in sports.

Coca-Cola-Jeans-fashion-rio-summer-2015 Coca-Cola-Jeans-fashion-rio-summer-2015

R. Groove
Inspiration: “An aesthetic view of the last public events seen in the world.”
Highlights: The R.Groove rescues his street side with a collection directly inspired by the streets. The designer makes a free aesthetic interpretation of the last great popular demonstrations. With all black and white and a few prints plus some catchphrases, the highlight is the shape of the pieces, parts of longer up.

R.Groove-fashion-rio-summer-2015 R.Groove-fashion-rio-summer-2015

Highlights: Salinas makes an imaginary journey to the “fantasy world, illuminated by the sun, populated by birds of paradise and the golden Gauguin tribes of the muses.” Fine prints and color combinations are the highlight of the collection. The suits, moreover, render some of the best parts of the Salinas this season.

Salinas-fashion-rio-summer-2015 Salinas-fashion-rio-summer-2015

The TNG collection was inspired by the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro and brought light colors, with focus on blue and white, floral prints and light and fluid replacement combined with jeans. Overlapping pieces in different shades of blue jeans in light washes and closed the show of TNG.

TNG-fashion-rio-summer-2015 TNG-fashion-rio-summer-2015

Lenny Niemeyer
The designer Lenny Niemeyer was inspired by botany to create your Summer 2015. The reference appeared in several moments of the show, as in spandex with print that mimics linen in aquarelados flower designs with application of silk chiffon handpainted and chart soft neutral colors that abrigouu and colorful, like purple, yellow and orange. In addition to swimwear, the designer also presented looks for day to day on the catwalk, as dresses, skirts, pants and shirts that can be used outside of the beaches and pools.

Lenny-Niemeyer-fashion-rio-summer-2015 Lenny-Niemeyer-fashion-rio-summer-2015

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