Fashion-Rio-summer-2015  Fashion Rio – Summer 2015 Fashion rio summer 2015

Fashion Rio – Summer 2015

For the 25th edition of Fashion Rio, the theme is “river, tropical resort, world heritage, cultural landscape,” so we’re expecting beautiful nature-inspired prints and bright, fun colors.
This edition, which takes place 8-11 April in the Marina da Glória, opens to the natural beauties of Rio de Janeiro, who continue to inspire us.


8h30 – Patricia Viera
20h00 – Alessa
21h00 – Ausländer
22h00 – Osklen Praia

Patricia-Viera-Fashion-rio-Summer-2014  Fashion Rio – Summer 2015 Patricia Viera Fashion rio Summer 2014
Patricia Viera – Fashion-Rio Summer 2014

18h00 – Oh Boy
19h00 – Espaço Fashion
20h00 – Maria Filó
21h00 – Coca-Cola Jeans

Coca-Cola-Clothing-verão2014-fashion-rio  Fashion Rio – Summer 2015 Coca Cola Clothing ver  o2014 fashion rio
Coca Cola Jeans – Fashion Rio Summer 2014

DIA 10
17h00 – R.Groove
18h00 – Salinas
19h00 – Cantão
20h00 – Victor Dzenk
21h00 – TNG

Salinas-Summer-2014-fashion-rio  Fashion Rio – Summer 2015 Salinas ver  o 2014 fashion rio
Salinas – Fashion Rio Summer 2014

DIA 11
15h00 – 2nd Floor
18h00 – Triya
19h00 – Filhas de Gaia
20h30 – Lenny Niemeyer

2ndFloor-fashion-rio-summer-2014  Fashion Rio – Summer 2015 2ndFloor fashion rio summer 2014
2nd Floor – Fashion Rio Summer 2014

Here are a video from last year to get you crazy! Stay tuned here on Fashion Design Weeks.

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