It’s a fact selfies were everywere this 2013 and they will stay for 2014 check out the Fashion Design Weeks selection of the most shared selfies of 2013, enjoy!

BEYONCE-selfieThat’s right Mrs. Carter presented her new radical haircut this last year through a selfie picture that was all around. Like it or not, I had to admit this women is a true trendsetter.

celebrity-selfies-Selena-Gomez-jpgIn second but no less important here we have Selena Gomez,this year, she showed th world she was growing and sexy and Selena is good with that.

selfie-2013kimkardashianKim Kardashian after her body recovery of giving birth to Kanye West sun North West, and she was looking good…

Miley-Cyrus-selfie-while-driving2013 was definitely the Miley Cyrus year, through selfies, MTV awards, irreverent parties and videoclips still going Miley,we are waiting for alot more for 2014, great selfie Miley Cyrus, but be careful don’t drive and do selfies…

SAFRICA-MANDELA-MEMORIALWhen even Barack Obama takes selfies everything gets crazy, this was a scandal selfie when the President of the United States, Obama was taking selfies at Nelson’s Mandela Funeral.

Well this was our sample of selfies but there’ a lot more to see through web, keep updated on next fashion and celebrity news.

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