The 10 Swaggiest Male Fashion Influencers on Instagram

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The 10 Swaggiest Male Fashion Influencers on Instagram Being a fashion influencer is not exclusive to women. There are plenty of men out there on the gram setting trends worldwide. Either to their unique taste, flawless fashion choices or with the help of massive fashion houses, these fine gentlemen dictate what are the male trends for the moment.


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. A$AP Rocky



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Uma publicação partilhada por PRETTY FLACKO (@asaprocky) a


The New Yorker has over 8 Million followers on Instagram and he’s the most prominent influencer on the Hip Hop community. Therefore, by default, his reach goes way beyond his fanbase, reaching a global audience that many struggles to get.


Adam Gallagher



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⚡️⚡️⚡️ photo: @nikogudovic

Uma publicação partilhada por galla (@iamgalla) a


Blogger and social media superstar Adam Gallagher (AKA I Am Galla) has amassed an Instagram following of over two million thanks to his wanderlust-worthy travel snaps and effortless take on smart-casual.


Nick Wooster



Tastemaker, street style fixture and more recently designer, it’s Nick Wooster’s distinctive personal style that sets him apart from the pack. The former buyer’s tattooed-silver-fox look and effortlessly cool, mashed-up outfits are undeniable IG gold.


Lebron James



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My own zone! 👑 #NoLabelsVisible #IfYouKnowYouKnow😉

Uma publicação partilhada por LeBron James (@kingjames) a


The now LA Lakers superstar has always been an influence, both in and out of court. His pregame outfit drip has been covered many times by the most important fashion covers in America and being a well-known Nike ambassador, it’s more than obvious that the King had to make the list.


Justin Livingstone



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Finding my light on the @jomalonelondon field trip today — super stoked to get school’d tomorrow at #JoMaloneLondonSchool 📓🤓 #jomalonelondonambassador

Uma publicação partilhada por Justin Livingston (@justinliv) a


When you’ve built a global brand off the back of your ‘best dressed’-topping style, you know you’ve got something extra. Justin Livingston’s slick, laid-back look is the perfect weekend outfit inspiration.


Jonathan Daniel Pryce



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On the escape with Mr Ken Barnett #nyc #6×7 #portra

Uma publicação partilhada por Jonathan Daniel Pryce (@garconjon) a


The award-winning photographer known as Garcon Jon built his profile on way-above-average street style portraits. An uncommon eye for the stylish means his cityscapes and travel shots also give you a daily urge to explore.


Oliver Cheshire



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Exploring the old town of Corfu ❤️

Uma publicação partilhada por Oliver Cheshire (@oliver_cheshire) a


Cheshire is both a model and style columnist who always shows off his best looks and some fitspiration.


Denny Balmaceda



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Oh, Behave.

Uma publicação partilhada por Denny Balmaceda. (@denny623) a


Balmaceda is a NYC-based stylist who advocates for fashion being part of one’s personality. He also runs his own fashion blog.


David Gandy



Gandy is a pretty notable male model and the face of Mark’s & Spencer. He nails fashion, whether it’s on the runway or in a magazine.

Tan France



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Parking lot, but make it 90’s fashion. @fernandogarciam1205

Uma publicação partilhada por T A N . F R A N C E (@tanfrance) a


France is another member of Queer Eye’s Fab 5, but France’s speciality is style. He has his own fashion blog,, and he’s also a fashion designer who has worked with numerous clothing lines. So, of course, he makes the list!


Fabio Attanasio



Attanasio is the founder of The Bespoke Dudes, a lifestyle website that is based in Italy. His aesthetic includes a lot of coats, blazers and overall modern yet timeless looks.


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