Glastonbury best fashion moments

Glastonbury Festival is fast approaching. If you were lucky enough to nab yourself a ticket, you’re probably hunting down the perfect pair of wellies and rummaging around in the garage.

While Glastonbury is obviously about music first and foremost, it’s also a very fun place to experiment with festival fashion. At Worthy Farm for a few days in June, anything goes and you can become whoever you want to be.

Here are the Glastonbury best fashion moments.

Back in 2010 when Emma Watson was just dipping her toes into the fashion pond. In keeping with her classic style, Emma went back to basics with denim shorts, a while blouse and plimsoles. Her rockstar (ex) boyfriend  George Craig of the band One Night Only makes pretty good arm candy.Glastonbury best fashion moments 3

Pixie Geldof and Kelly Osbourne nail edgy festival dressing in 2010.Glastonbury best fashion moments 4

Laura Whitmore didn’t look particularly happy at the state of her boots at 2014′s festival, but we’re loving her simple shift dress-and-boots combo, with a practical cross-body bag.
Glastonbury best fashion moments 6

Alexa Chung in 2014, somehow managing to look ultra-sophisticated and ready to party at the same time.
Glastonbury best fashion moments 7

Florence Welch’s outlandish stage outfits make her a perfect fit for Glastonbury.Here she is wearing an asymmetric leotard with a tutu-esque sleeve in 2010.Glastonbury best fashion moments 8

She looks just as incredible when she’s off duty, rocking skinny jeans, an embroidered waistcoat and a matching mustard fringed jacket. Swoon.
Glastonbury best fashion moments 9

Gwen Stefani in her prime, rocking early 2000s punk vibes with her former band, No Doubt.
Glastonbury best fashion moments 10

Kate Moss is, and always will be, the Queen of Glastonbury. Her PVC trousers and knee-high boots, his worn-out jeans and the tousled blonde hair, his greasy black locks with a fedora chucked on top.
Glastonbury best fashion moments 11
As terrible as they were for one another, we miss Mossy and Pete, as seen here at Glastonbury Festival in 2007.Glastonbury best fashion moments 12

Lily Allen’s snazzy purple jumpsuit, bright pink ‘do, one glove and wacky pink makeup are what Glasto dressing is all about. She’s just havin’ a good time.
Glastonbury best fashion moments 13

Glastonbury regular Henry Holland has worked a huge array of festival looks over the years, but our fave is him keeping it simple: leather jacket, black skinnies, sunglasses and wellies.
Glastonbury best fashion moments 14

Try as they might, no one will ever truly top David Bowie’s Glastonbury festival glam look from 2000. Check out the tumbling golden curls, an embroidered golden coat and pillowing shirt – a look few (if anyone else at all) can pull off.Glastonbury best fashion moments 15

Now, we only have to wait a few days for this year’s edition of Glastonbury and chose the best outfits from the stars that will attend and party hard with Kanye West, Foo Fighters, Pharrell Williams, Jamie XX, Alt-J, Mark Ronson and much more.


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