Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Top Exercise Moves

In these days which woman does not want to have the body of a supermodel? Tall, thin, slender, flat stomach … Yeah , this is the reality of a Victoria ‘s Secret Angel. You’d think the models to prepare for the runway, would be in the gym 12 hours a day. Not so! The supermodel like Adriana Lima , Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel have a trainer: Mary Helen Bowers, a long, beautiful ballerina with 10 years.


In 2008 Bowers developed the workout that combines floor exercises sculpt small muscle groups with cardio that torches calories to create the ballerina ‘s physique -think long , lithe legs , graceful arms , the perky , boosted butt and beautiful posture.

Victoria ‘s Secret sells the ultimate female fantasy -it ‘s a perfect fit ! ” In addition to sculpting muscle without added bulk, ” Also the workout builds beautiful posture and a tight , strong center. The final look is ultra – toned but Also very feminine , just like what you see on the runway.”


Two years ago, Miranda Kerr was the first Angel to begin training with Bowers and since Victoria ‘s Secret is like a beautiful club, ” before last year ‘s show, I began working with Lindsay Ellingson, Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton and Doutzen Kroes. All of the girls are friends.” They train all year long with Bowers to three four days a week and, according to Bowers, in the month leading up to the show, the girls train like professional athletes and up to 1.5 hours Their game 5-6 days a week . That’s right, even a Victoria ‘s Secret Angel needs a rest day once a week . “The body needs time to recover , ” Bowers Urges .


So you want the grace and power of the Victoria’s Secret supermodel ? You must follow the simple moves of the Angels que with Bowers to Their tone trouble zones.

  • Abs With a Twist:

Stretch both legs out long on the mat and pull the stomach in tight. Lift the right leg and left arm and twist the upper body to the right. Lower and lift the upper body keeping the right leg lifted with the stomach pulled in. Repeat 2 sets of 8.


  • Extended Bridge:

Slightly extending your legs in a classic bridge really targets the hamstrings and backs of the legs. Lay down and walk your feet out a bit. Lift up onto your toes. Keeping your legs tight together, pull in your stomach and lift your hips off the floor. Try 4 sets of 8.


Begin lying down on your stomach on a mat with the legs stretched long. Pull in through the stomach and bend one knee. Lift the knee off the floor as you squeeze through the butt. Lower and lift for 4 sets of 8. Change sides.


  • Arabesque Lifts:

Begin standing on the right leg with the left leg back. Pull in through the stomach and open long through the chest. Bend the standing (right) knee and extend the left leg straight back into arabesque. Lower the arms and lift the left leg into the air as you stretch the right knee and lift the arms. Keep the abs engaged and be careful not to arch the back. Lower and repeat for 1 to 2 sets of 8. Change sides.


  • Classic Inner Thigh Lifts:

Lie on your right side with your right leg extended. Bend your left knee and place your foot behind your right knee. Keeping your right leg straight, raise and lower your right leg up and down. Try 4 sets of 8; change sides.


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