Haute Couture Hotels – The Best Fashion Hotels (Part I)

Pick up your suitcase because it’s not about what you’re wearing anymore, it’s about where you’re staying. Fashion Hotels are the new hot accessory now, with everyone from Giorgio Armani to Diane Von Furstenberg checking in to their own places.

These fashion hotels span the globe, but mostly ignore North America. Italy is the most popular country since Milan it’s mainly Italian designers that began the movement to get their own hotels.

Check out the list of all 25 after the jump, and do let us know in the comments which one you’d most like to visit.

Armani Hotel Dubai
The hotel as well as Armani & Dolci, Armani & Fiori and Armani restaurants are located in the first several floors of the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world –  $545 per night.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Armani-Hotel-Dubai Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Armani-Hotel-Dubai Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Armani-Hotel-Dubai Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Armani-Hotel-Dubai

– Bulgari Milano
A Milan Fashion Week favorite hotel, with a lovely private park. 590€ per night with breakfast for two.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Bulgati-Hotel-Milan Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Bulgati-Hotel-Milan
– Bulgari Bali
59 villas perched on a cliff, with an elevator down to the beach and some serious exotic luxury – $750 per night.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Bulgati-Hotel-Bali Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Bulgati-Hotel-Bali

Christian Lacroix
– Hotel Bellechasse, Paris: Each of the 34 rooms is completely different, but all a rich Lacroix experience in Paris’ Saint Germain district – 197€ per night.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Hotel-Bellechasse-Paris Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Hotel-Bellechasse-Paris Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Hotel-Bellechasse-Paris
– Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris: Lacroix decorated every room of this restored 17th century building in Le Marais district. – 190€ per night.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Hotel-du-Petit-Moulin-Paris Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Hotel-du-Petit-Moulin-Paris Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Hotel-du-Petit-Moulin-Paris

Diane Von Furstenberg
– Claridge’s London
This iconic London property will have 20 DVF-designed rooms from June 2010 – £490.00 per night.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Claridges-London Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Claridges-London

– Uxua Casa, Brazil
A very small property tucked away in Bahia, Brazil and designed/owned by Diesel’s creative director Wilbert Das – $480 per night.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Diesel-Uxua-Brazil Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Diesel-Uxua-Brazil

Karl Lagerfeld
– Schlosshotel in Grunewald
Each of the 53 rooms in this suburban Berlin mini-palace are unique, and designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself. Expect classic Kaiser-ly luxury – 239€ per night.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Karl-Lagerfeld-hotel-in-Grunewald Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Karl-Lagerfeld-hotel-in-Grunewald

Louis Vuitton
– Cheval Blanc in Courchevel, France
A “haute couture” alpine ski getaway to the LV standards, with photography on the walls by Karl Lagerfeld. 700€ per night.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Cheval-Blanc-in-Courchevel Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Cheval-Blanc-in-Courchevel Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Cheval-Blanc-in-Courchevel

– Maison Moschino Milan
A very whimsical first hotel from Moschino, in a renovated train station in the center of Milan – 270€ per night. 

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Moschino-hotel-Milan Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Moschino-hotel-Milan


Oscar de la Renta
– Tortuga Bay at Puntacana Resort, Dominican Republic
Beachside luxury villas decorated by the Dominican designer – $495 per night with breakfast.

Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Tortuga-Bay-Puntacana-Resort-Oscar-de-la-Renta Haute-Couture-Hotels-Fashion-Design-Weeks-Tortuga-Bay-Puntacana-Resort-Oscar-de-la-Renta

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