Yves Saint Laurent: The Movie

Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is the subject of a film that has the glossy sheen of an impossibly expensive promotional video. Yves Saint Laurent is a 2014 French biography drama film directed by Jalil Lespert and co-written with Jacques Fieschi, Jérémie Guez and Marie-Pierre Huster.

The film is based on the personal and professional life of Yves Saint Laurent . The film stars Pierre Niney, Guillaume Gallienne, Charlotte Le Bon, Laura Smet, Marie de Villepin, Xavier Lafitte and Nikolai Kinski.

Pierre Niney impersonates Saint Laurent, the delicate, shy, bespectacled aesthete who became the boy wonder of Paris fashion in the late 1950s. In the film he has a nervous breakdown through overwork and hostile press reaction to his dismissive remarks about military service, but survives to found his own fashion house with the help of his lover and business partner. The 25-year-old French actor spent five months preparing for the role.

“That’s what I really do. It is my religion and my philosophy to put the pressure away and really focus on the work,” he explained. The most difficult task proved to be mimicking the designer’s sketching skills.

“I had a drawing teacher because Jalil [Lespert, the director] wanted me to learn how to draw for real in the movie,” said Mr. Niney, who wasn’t pleased with his work initially. “I learned how to do the dresses, different dresses with different proportions, different colors—”


The film has a lot of criticism because there are two movies released at the same time that talk about the Fashion Designer. Except as Yves Sant Laurent is more didactic, striving to show the rise of the stylist to the consecration, Saint Laurent chooses capturing the scenery of the season through scenes sometimes random, but reflect the spirit of the characters.

“Two or three times we get the same absolutely unironic “catwalk” scene: the creations, the stunned murmurings from deeply impressed audiences, and then the triumph as the designer himself is at last (unwillingly) dragged into the spotlight for wild applause. If any of his catwalk shows went badly, we don’t get to see it.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

Below you can see the Yves Saint Laurent trailer.

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