5 new fashion designers to follow

The following five designers are on the right path. They have vision and ingenuity in spades, but more importantly, they’ve made awesome clothes that we want to wear. Click through to see the five that have us really excited about fashion right now.

This is the list of the 5 new fashion designers to follow:

69 – United States
5 New Fashion Designers to follow
5 New Fashion Designers to follow 1

“Genderless” clothing is a bit of a buzzword these days, but denim label 69 promises that it isn’t a gimmick. The clothes themselves are endlessly shapeable and ask the wearer to be playful, two things that haven’t traditionally been associated with denim labels.

Fumika Uchida — Japan
5 New Fashion Designers to follow 2 5 New Fashion Designers to follow 3

The brand grew out of the very popular vintage shop J’Antiques. But, in Tokyo, the line is a sensation that interprets American elements in new ways.

The items are either modern interpretations of old-world looks, like a lovely drug-rug ponchowith a new, kicky crop, or are the perfect re-imagination of vintage favorites, like a dark-wash denim jumpsuit resembling the kind of scores a thrifting enthusiast can only imagine coming across once in her lifetime.

Trager Delaney — U.K.
5 New Fashion Designers to follow 4 5 New Fashion Designers to follow 5

London’s Central Saint Martins has turned out plenty of students with the sort of short, futuristic whimsical characteristics of Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane, but while the 2012-born label Trager Delaney’s aesthetics lean a little softer and gentler, it’s no less cerebral. In easy-to-wear shapes that are still challenging in the kinds of way we like our fashion to be, Trager Delaney’s real highlight is in the cleverness of the construction.

Julia Seemann — Switzerland
5 New Fashion Designers to follow 8 5 New Fashion Designers to follow 9

Julia Seemann has tapped into something new and fresh that the style set should be clamoring to wear. Geometric and splashy, but restrained, Seemann’s work is part streetcar, part sculpture.

Richa Aggarwal — India
5 New Fashion Designers to follow 7 5 New Fashion Designers to follow 6

Modern trends have borrowed heavily from traditional Indian shapes, and it’s no surprise that going straight to the source is the best way to nab beautifully mixed colors, patterns, and casual layers that inspire a pile-on. One young Indian designer is doing it better than anyone else: Rich Aggarwal interprets traditional craftsmanship with a new sensibility.

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