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Copenhagen Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 15

Copenhagen Fashion Week is the Nordic Region’s largest fashion event, that happens every February and August in every year. The runaways come alive with a diverse cast of fashion talents.

Scandinavian fashion is known for its unique take on design, which marries modern elegance to playful aesthetics and conceptions of dress. A contemporary approach to fashions both feminine and masculine is expressed in fresh silhouettes, innovative fabrics and sharp colour schemes, all in unsurpassed qualities.

The Official Show Venue of Copenhagen Fashion Week is at the City Hall of Copenhagen. The impressive architectural is located in the city centre, is highly attractive and popular, not only for outside visitors but also for the local Copenhageners.


Some of the designers who will be present are:

Copenhagen-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-15 designers Copenhagen-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-15 designers

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