Beauty trend: The ’90s are back!

Have you noticed how many stars of today are copying some of the biggest make-up looks of the 90’s? Whether its mocha lips, irridescent eye shadow or all out miniture hair buns, it’s seems our superstars just cannot get enough.

But looking ’90s-hot doesn’t have to mean dressing like you’ve just stepped out of a time machine. Six of the ’90s biggest trends have returned and if you wear them right, they’re guaranteed to leave you looking very now.

Beauty trend The 90s are back 1
Alexa Chung in Marc by Marc Jacobs “chocker” S/S15

Chokers were the accessory of choice in the ’90s. There were plastic tattoo chokers, neon raver chokers, candy chokers. Now, they are back and they are much better this time around. Now chokers often rest at the base of your neck, instead of on your throat, and the pendants that hang from them aren’t just dinky little hearts and medallions — they’re bigger, and more abstract.

Berry Lips
Beauty trend The 90s are back 5
Beauty trend The 90s are back 4
Cara Delevingne

While deep berry lips were a ’90s beauty staple, the trend can still be spotted on today’s cleberities, fashion shows or photoshoots. Cara Delenvingne, Lorde, Scarlett Johansson are some of the fashion “trenders” that love to show their lips like this.

Slip Dresses
Beauty trend The 90s are back 6
Jennifer Lopez at the 2015 Golden Globe’s Red Carpet

These barely-there dresses were all over the spring runwais but now you don’t need to look like 90’s Kate Moss to put you inside one. The new sleep dresses are softer and less clingy.

You can match some accessories that will turn your outfit funnier: put an oversize cardigan covered in one of these season’s trend, fringe.

Fanny Packs
Beauty trend The 90s are back 8 Beauty trend The 90s are back 9Karl Lagerfeld sent the fanny packs down the runway at the spring Chanel Couture show, and Cameron Diaz said she’s designing a few for the next Pour La Victoire collection. It seems like they are coming back!

The styling is a bit different from the fanny packs that are bulky and usually made of nylon or cotton, belt bags (how they are called now) are sleek; they’re leather and they’ve got real metal hardware, not just some big plastic buckle. You can wear them around your waist or across your back like a messenger bag. If you prefer to give it another look you can use it with a miniskirt and coordinating details.

Combat Boots
Beauty trend The 90s are back 111
Beauty trend The 90s are back 10
Mischa Barton

We all know that grunge will always be associated with its affect on 90s fashion. Likewise, men and women alike rocked heavy combat-style boots with their ripped jeans–or tights–and baggy flannel shirts. Now, the combat boots are back they are being used with dresses, shor and long skirts, jeans. Just reinvent your outfit and give it a bit of roughness.

Beauty trend The 90s are back 11
Beauty trend The 90s are back 7Do you remember those days when your mother forcing you to use it at the elementary school. Weel, they are back and this time around in denim and leather.

A cool leather jacket over your shoulders is never a bad idea, and high heels or a dressy pair of flats is a must.

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